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Meet our "UNCLE SI"!

I imported "Bogarhazi Variety" (call name of "Uncle Si") in January 2014 from Bogarhazi Westie Kennel in Serbia.  He is champion-sired and his pedigree is full of champions!

Si is very well mannered and smart, and he seems to know that he's the star of the show around here.  I love his beautiful head, nice coat, and awesome muscular structure.

Si glides with confidence and stride - He's short and compact, but yet lightweight and small!

Meet our "DR. LOVE"!

Dr. Love loves to play, and he especially likes our cat, Nada - I mean he loves to chase her!  He's a super sweet fellow and loves all the ladies!

Meet our "APOLLO"!

Apollo is also a championline import (from Slovenia).  He struts his nice, thick coat, sweet disposition, and sturdy structure!  All the ladies love him!  

Meet our "OLLY"!

I imported "Bogarhazi Only Passion" (call name of "Olly") in 2017 from Bogarhazi Westie Kennel in Serbia.  He is a super sweet boy with an awesome pedigree full of champions!