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There's enough love to go around at our house! Also, see our reds on our "Our Red Poodles" page!

Gap's How To Find A Friend Rex - "REX" (Miniature Poodle - 13" high/10 lbs.)

Simply Gap's Aztec Legend - "AZTEC" (Miniature Poodle - 14" high)

Gap's Like A Rock - "CHEVY" (Miniature Poodle)

Gap's Catch Her Fletcher - "FLETCHER" (Toy Poodle - 5 lbs.)

Gap's Sun Sea and Sand - "SANDY" (Miniature Poodle - 13.5" high) Showing off her summer cut!

Gap's Perfect Patches - "PATCHES" (Miniature Poodle - 14" high)

Gap's Jade in the U.S.A. - "JADE"

Gap's Triple Score Scrabble - "SCRABBLE" - (Miniature Poodle)

Gap's Every Kiss Begins With K - "KAY" (Miniature Poodle - 11.5" high)

Gap's Diamonds in the Sky - "SKYLAR" (Miniature Poodle)

Gap's Mama Mia - "MIA" - (Miniature Poodle - 11.5" high)

Gap's Tie Dye Doodle - "DOODLE" (Miniature Poodle - 14" high/11 lbs.)

Gap's Don't Take Your Love to Town - "RUBY" (Miniature Poodle - 13" high/12.5 lbs.)

Gap's Fresh As A Daisy - "DAISY" - (Miniature Poodle) - shown in her summer cut!

Gap's One Smart Cookie - "COOKIE" (Toy Poodle - 10" high)