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UPDATE ON 1/13/20:  We do have POODLE BABIES born and will be making them available soon!   

If you want to be added to my waiting list, please email me with your name and cell phone number.

RAYNA (red) & HARRY (red) are the proud parents of 1 bouncing baby boy!  He was born on 10/5/19, so he will be ready to go on 11/30/19! 

RUBY (red parti) & HARRY (red) are the proud parents of 4 beautiful babies - 3 boys and 1 girl!  They were born on 10/8/19, so they will be ready to go on 12/3/19! 

These babies have been color-coded with different colored collars (and are also microchipped).

All of our Poodles are sold on a SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT unless prior approval is obtained.  Registration papers will be given to you after I receive written verification by your vet regarding your completed puppy's spay or neuter procedure.

Poodles are #2 out of all canine breeds (1st place goes to Border Collies) for intelligence.  They learn very quickly and have a human personality - Not only are they beautiful and very smart, they are hypoallergic, non-shedding, and wonderful with children!  All of our pups are vet checked, up-to-date with puppy shots and dewormings, and health guaranteed. 

"HOLDING" means the puppy is on hold for someone, and the deposit is on the way.  "PENDING" means someone is considering the puppy. "AVAILABLE" means that the puppy is still available.  "SOLD" means the $200 deposit has been received, and the puppy is no longer available.

Miniature Poodles stand above 10" and up to 15" tall and usually weigh between 10 and 17 pounds.  

SOLD - RAYNA'S AKC MALE #1 - "YELLOW BOY" - $1600.00: This amazing boy is a DEEP RED! Pics taken on 11/27/19. He is color-coded with the YELLOW COLLAR. He's going to the Wilson's in GA!

This boy is as sweet as he can be!

Male #1 is small and a very dark red like his mom - Very handsome boy!

SOLD - RUBY'S CKC MALE #1 - "BLUE BOY" - $1400.00: This precious baby is a nice dark apricot to red baby! Pics taken on 11/27/19. He is color-coded with the BLUE COLLAR. Hes going to Irina in GA!

This baby boy is standing handsome for his picture!

I just love this little boy - He's a sweet boy!

SOLD - RUBY'S CKC MALE #2 - "GREEN BOY" - $1400.00: This handsome fellow is a nice apricot to red color. Pics taken on 11/27/19. He is color-coded with the GREEN COLLAR. Hes going to Cindy Floyd in GA!

What a beautiful boy - he's sweet, sassy, and smart!

Just look at that sweet face of his!

SOLD - RUBY'S CKC MALE #3 - "WHITE BOY": This adorable guy is also an apricot to red baby! Pics taken on 11/27/19. He is color-coded with the WHITE COLLAR. Hes going to Demetra in GA!

This boy has a wonderful personality and some really cute white markings on him!

His sweet little face gets me every time!

SOLD - RUBY'S CKC FEMALE #1 - "PURPLE GIRL" - $1600.00: This girl is one in a million! She is more cream than apricot, so I'm not sure what you would consider her exact color to be! Pics taken on 11/27/19. She is color-coded with the PURPLE COLLAR. Shes going to Tammy Newell in NC!

She's a gorgeous girl - Just look at her color!

Adorable baby with such beautiful eyes!

Two sweet brothers posing pretty for a picture!

Rayna's boy and one of Ruby's boys!

They all love to play! Such adorable babies!

Sandy and Deacon's apricot girl went to June Townsend in GA!

One of our past merle poodles!

This precious boy (Sandy & Deacon) went to Travis in GA!